Frequently Asked Questions


Could my age be an issue?

Only if you make it one. We have welcomed people aged 20 to 75 and while even we think 20 is a little young, it really does not matter how old you are. In fact the culture here in Thailand is very different from that in the west. They have a genuine respect for older people and really do show it. It is not uncommon to see guys walking around with much younger wives and girlfriends.

What about meals while I’m there?

As part of the package, we do provide breakfast supplies daily. However that’s as far as it goes. Why? Because we are in Thailand. Food is cheap, restaurants everywhere, all tastes catered for, international cuisine and local Thai food. Food can additionally be delivered to the villa from local restaurants. You can eat as and when you want. Oh and the Angels love to cook also, if you like Thai food then your in for a treat. They will be happy to cook up a delicious meal in the villa for you. There are also plenty of shopping malls to get supplies so food really is not an issue while you are here.

I just want to have a real holiday, relaxing, enjoying the ambiance with nice company

Hey, remember, your in your own private luxury villa with its own pool. Your not in a group villa where you may be governed by the people around you. This is your well deserved break, you decide how you want to have it. I would estimate that 50% of our clients are not here to go out every night drinking, their here to have a relaxing holiday with a beautiful companion. If you are here to party every night then go for it! You’ll have a wild time.

What about transport while I’m there when I want to go out?

There’s a few options available. Of course you can rent a car or moped. But most of our clients opt for our driver who is always on hand to take you where ever you may wish to go. He charges less than local taxi’s and know the island well.

How to make a choice of one of the beautiful Angels?

Just head to our gallery. All the girls there are current. When filling out the booking form please give us a choice of 3 Angels, that way we can ensure availability for you.

Can I change girls while I’m there?

Yes, sure. Its perfectly normal to ask to change girls sometimes. Just because you have made a choice through the gallery does not necessarily mean you will get on with her in real life. So we cater for this at all times. There is no extra cost when changing girls. However if you are doing it on a daily basis then we may decide to charge the taxi costs.

Can I change to a ladyboy for a night?

We have many guests that want to try the ladyboy experience and instead of booking a full weeks ladyboy package then they have the option to change Angels to a ladyboy for a night, no extra cost involved for this.

Do I have to tip the girls?

We do not expect it. The girls? Its easy to say they do not expect it to, but of course in reality they would love a small tip. Its really up to you, if you enjoyed your time with them then by all means give them a small present or tip.

Do the Angels speak English?

Phuket is an international tourist destination and so most people here do have some level of English skills. However the Thai race as a whole is not exactly known for its English language. The girls we have with us, some speak excellent English, others speak pigeon English and some can only really understand and speak a little. For those girls who speak very little, they make up for in their attentiveness and care.

How long do the girls stay in your service?

Generally they stay with us long term. Its much better than working in a shop or bar for them. We are fortunate, all our clients are genuinely nice people and very respectful to our girls, in return they enjoy the role they offer and that helps to keep them. If they leave Angels in Paradise its normally because they end up marrying one of our clients.

Are all the girls medically checked?

Yes, its a requirement that we have. Every 6 weeks they need to take a medical check and be issued with a clean certificate. They have a copy of this on them.

Are excursions expensive on Phuket?

You will find everything here a little cheaper than where you are now. Excursions we can book for you at cost price or its easy to visit one of the hundreds of tour desks on every street corner.

What is the weather like?

The weather is good all year round. Temperature is between 82 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit (28 to 33 Celsius). Rainfall is expected in the rainy season however. This is between June – Oct when it will rain most days however this is only for short periods and can be a welcome cooling experience.

What clothing should I bring?

This is a tropical climate, it never gets cold, you will never need a sweater or jumper. T shirts, shorts and comfortable shoes are the order of the day.

How about Visa’s?

The majority of nationalities from developed countries do not need to apply for a visa. A 30 day visa is given automatically on arrival.

How do I make a booking?

Just head straight to our booking page, all details are contained there. Or fill out the form below to get started.